Fairs: ACS Catering, our sibling company, offers not only in Italy but all over Europe a quite high-quality catering service, taking care of every elegant refinement and supporting your event with stylish finishing touches. Qualified personnel and first-class equipment complete the prestigious image that, thanks to ACS catering, the exhibitor will offer to his guests and visitors.

Events and Gala Dinner: ACS Catering helps you in creating inside prestigious locations a warm and stylish atmosphere all around your event. We take care of every detail making refined dishes and an accurate service converge into an extra-ordinary catering service able to surprise your guests.
Business: ACS Catering supports you in creating the right atmosphere during open house, press conferences and sales campaigns. We take care of the details in executing our services, enhancing your image always taking as reference aesthetical and functional guidelines we agreed on before the event and together.
Special occasions: ACS Catering makes your dreams come true in one of the most important days of your life, guiding you in selecting an extra-ordinary location to host your guests with an elegant and refined catering service. We handle every detail to make all your needs truly satisfied.